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Bipolar Awareness ~ Stop the Stigma has sprawled across a number of platforms since its creation, Updates from BA~STS are available on Facebook, TwitterWordPress and now Every Day Hero .


2 responses to “Find Us

  1. Hello,

    Glad to see a step towards breaking the stigma! Come to Grand Rapids Michigan, I want to work with you and help as much as i possibly can. Being Bipolar (type 2) I want to be able to live with no fear of judgment just like anyone else. We deserve a voice, we deserve to be heard.

    Please consider doing an event in Grand Rapids Michigan.

    Thank You and God Bless You and Your Work.


    • Thanks for the offer, unfortunately I live in Australia and am kind of tied here with legalities surrounding having an ex husband and being the custodial parent of 3 children without passports (and I don’t have one either) but I am happy to support localised projects in your own area. sometimes the only way the word can get out is by the actions of individuals in their own local communities

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