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5 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Ken Barlow

    Hey gang…I am a television weather guy in Minneapolis/St Paul. I have “come out” with my illness…it was a front page story in the Pioneer Press…here is my story as written by the paper:

  2. Alicia Nicole Parker

    I am a new step mom to my husbands daughters the youngest is the highest spectrum of autistic ppossible she is non-verbal and too far behind in development due to her mom hooked on heroin! Since she has been with us she minds better and is progressing really fast! Ok I told u that so u can get a little glimpse in my life! I was raised in a abusive house since I was nine and i have recently been diagnosed with PTSD BI-POLAR W/SEVERE ANXIETY PROBLEMS I just thought I was just gonna have to learn to deal with it! I need help cause I can’t get anyone to help me for disability and maybe go to treatment facility to get approved for disability! My blood family has turned there back on me so the only family I have left is my loving husband and our daughter’s I’m in fear I will loose them due to my episodes and it’s not fair to them to have to walk on egg shells around me! If you could help get me on the right meds I would love to be a spokesperson to erase the stigmas on mental illnesses !

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