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D Kai Wilson is a writer, blogger and community manager. When not playing games, painting models or doing tech support, she can be found writing. Her first novel, Glass Block, is due out very soon.

Introducing myself :)

I thought I’d pop my head up and say hi.

My name is D Kai Wilson-Viola, and I’m one of the vollunteer writers here – I also help moderate the group over on Facebook.

I’m bipolar, and the author of several books about bipolar disorder, along with lots of fiction.  I own and run a copywriting company, so I can stay at home for my kids (11 and 9 currnetly)  and write.

I love to take photos, talk writing and graduate at the end of next month.  For which reason, I’m probably not going to be on the blog much till the end of next month, but I’ll give it a try.

I also run my own bipolar and mental health related blog, over at, so there’s a possibility that you know of me already.

My speciality is Bipolar disorder and psych research – I graduate at the end of this year with a degree in Psychology and Creative Writing, so I’ve really learned to explore stuff as far as it takes me bfore making a decision.

So, yes, that’s me 😉


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