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More than 5 years ago I was an extremely prolific Blogger, with an international audience on topics far removed from Mental Health, although I did occasionally cover it in discussion. I do not intend to recommence blogging on that scale any time soon as I know how obnoxious I can be and the range of topics I cover is extensive. However for quite some time now I have wanted to open the door to readers and fan’s to share their opinions and experiences in far greater depth than the occasional passionate comment. WordPress will help make this happen. This is our Guest Speakers Forum, since inviting quest speakers on Facebook severely compromises Page Security or Private profile security this is the most sensible way to open the door while providing quite an array of tools to most effectively say that which we are attempting to say.

Guest Bloggers are welcome to contribute on topics ranging from experiences and thought’s as Patients, Advocates, Carer’s, and Supporter’s, to input and suggestions from Mental Health Professionals.

To become a contributor to this blog simply contact me on Facebook, sending a proposed article or story, along with your email address to enable WordPress access.


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