Donations Close August 16th!

The girls had an Amazing Day participating in Run Melbourne representing our page. They work really hard even at school and church to increase awareness of mental health. They don’t talk about it the way we do. Rather they talk about, acknowledge and respect the feelings of their classmates and those around them. Expressing care for their friends and even those who aren’t….if only they would express more care for each other’s feelings my life would be complete!

But sisterly love aside, they really do try to make a difference in the lives of those they meet. Tomorrow at school during the assembly they will be each presented with a certificate for their efforts. completing the 3km Kids run for the Run Melbourne Event and in doing so Raising $240 which everyday hero provides to Neuroscience Research Australia, to continue valuable research into this Disorder.

They didn’t do it for me, they didn’t even do it for their step father. In fact they did it for a very good friend of theirs who has been their pen pal for a number of years who lives in the US, a 19 year old girl named Alex who lives with Bipolar Disorder.

I have a 20×30 print of Shannon and Jac during the run along the Yarra which the largest donor will be receiving once donations close this month.

Please do take the time to Visit their individual blogs available from our Team Page, see their Finish line Video’s and their story of why this means so much to them individually.

For three young ladies aged 7, 9 and 10. I am amazingly proud of what my daughters achieved last month and the determination and motivation with which they did it. I encourage you all to support them, and promise you that it means so much to them that they will be back again for a repeat performance next year!

Donations can be made at their Everyday Hero Pages.


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