op is Monday, what a conclusion to mother’s day, and even with endless MRI’s and other tests they still don’t know what it is until they actually open her heart….

and he is being a miserable twat 😦 *sigh* and half my friends are having meltdowns…..so have my last cigarette of a whole new packet which didn’t last 2 days :S yep officially a smoker again…and take a deep breath and pull it all together again…again….again….

yep im going to go to the enquiry sitting For Victoria’s Vulnerable Children and tell them these mongrels can’t swing from all to nothing and back again they gotta work with what they have to give our kids a chance….which means putting everything behind a child’s family unit….

I really want to upgrade our cafepress so that I can put up a variety of designs for people to choose from for different items but I can’t afford to do that until I have some money to sink into it and would have to figure out a way for sales to cover costs and then it wont be free of any mark up so will put that off for now…..and merely ponder the best way to do so.

would really love to have some contributors for our blog with some comments as carer’s support’s and people who live with bipolar disorder.

Why do I do this? put the effort in and post….besides it just making me feel useful….he possibly thinks it is all about him….. but it isn’t……. you all maybe think it is all about you…..well it isn’t….some may even think it is about MY kids….but it isn’t that either……my mother….nope….my uncles….nope….my cousins….nope….my brother’s….nope….my ex’s family….nope not even them at a stretch.

I have spent literally 60% of my life picking up people with mental illness and helping (not doing all of it myself) put themselves back on their feet but primarily making sure they are alive to be able to recover and learn to manage whichever disorder they live with.

Mental Illness is much more prevalent that anyone realises or is willing to admit and while there is a problem with pathologising every nuance of humanity, which is outright wrong….just like the goal of obtaining good physical health we all just as importantly good mental health. it doesn’t take a disorder to bring us down, it doesn’t take pathology to cause us to stumble on our path.

it is as simple as lost hope.

when our mental health suffers the first thing we do is loose hope and mostly importantly for everyone with a disorder or not is to retain hope….and while our mental health services catch only a fraction of those who need them….even if only to be guided to the right path for recovery….hope is hazy….so I do it for everyone….me, my kids, my partner, my family included….

we all sometimes need a road map on how to recover……


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