Fund Raising

Now do NOT panic on me please, I am not looking to make any money, if we do make some money in the mean time it all goes towards research and services through already existing charities I AM NOT A CHARITY and I do NOT want the paperwork! even if it means giving away my designs to a good cause for free 😀 so be it I really do hate paperwork. and BASTS already owns by affiliation about 10% of my work anyway 😉 so it may as well keep it.

Tonight I created a Cafepress for BASTS there is no mark up on any of it it is all exclusively at cafepress prices. The merchandise is available for you, if you like it great if you don’t that is fine there is no pressure to buy it, but if you want an item which can stimulate discussion go for it, personally I like how the teddy looks I might grab a couple for my girls.

We also as a page decided to form a team for the a fundraising event hosted by for the purpose of raising funds for the schizophrenia research institute.

Now the motivation of participation in these events is not exclusively to raise money and get you to open your wallet, the Main aim of participating in these events is to increase working as a community, stimulating idea’s of things you could do within your own community to increase awareness and even discussion. What could you do and to some extent even to let you know that we are here and not just anonymous people spamming the latest mental health articles. I can’t run in marathons as I have restricted mobility. but I can participate in swearstop so I am extra excited to do so since I feel kind of useless missing out on most of the fundraising events which happen around here as you need to be able to run for them.

I am also toying with the idea of forming a team to run in the Run Melbourne Event in October with funds going towards whichever mental health charity we decide. It will give us a chance and excuse to connect with BASTS members in Melbourne and provided we don’t score a team of 50….well how about we make it the first 5 to sign up to our Run Melbourne Team score a Drink Bottle and T-shirt, for the day of the run, My shout! (I am on a disability pension after all)


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